The Courier (2024)
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R  102 min | Year: 2024 |  Belgium France Spain

After shrewdly seizing his chance to join a money-laundering scheme, a modest valet dives into a world of fast cash, fast cars — and an inevitable crash.

The film spans from 2001 to 2011, following various years, not including flashbacks, about a hustler called Iván (Arón Piper), telling his rise to the top of the corruption that surrounded the real estate bubble after the arrival of the euro in Spain. Year 2002, Iván is an ambitious kid from Vallecas who has outgrown his neighborhood. From his position as a valet at a luxurious golf club in the capital, he will soon take his first big step: becoming a Belgian courier for an international organization dedicated to money laundering. Iván will begin to transport briefcases to Brussels and Geneva. But Iván cannot stop looking higher. Real black money flows on the Costa del Sol, Marbella, there he contacts a powerful money cleaner (Luis Tosar). Working as a courier Iván begins a race against clock attempting to get more and more money. José Luis Ocaña (José Manuel Poga) is a Spanish politician whose wealthy life is based on corrupt issues, then Iván threatens to communicate his sexual encounters to the media and exposes him to the public eye . Construction businessmen, corrupt politicians, bankers, athletes, the Chinese mafia... Iván wants his piece of the pie. Iván will stop at nothing to get his purports.

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Cheating Notes

Ivan starts working as a courier for a couple who is in the money-laundering business. One day, after a successful run where his trustworthiness is tested, the wife comes with him to celebrate in a bar, and then they gamble in a casino and then they have sex (22:04). This is the only time where we see her nude in her trysts with him.

After Ivan tells the wife that he has started a few money-laundering schemes of his own and is moving up in their world, she has sex with him (42:42).

We see a little snippet of Ivan and the wife having sex (53:48), interspersed with scenes of him partying and banging whores, indicating that their affair continues as their business partnership continues.

After Ivan secures a big deal with the Chinese Mafia, their biggest deal ever, the wife has sex with him in the car (1:20:34).

Original / Other Title:  El correo

 Director:  Daniel Calparsoro

Genres: Thriller, Crime, Drama

Country:   Belgium France Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  19 January 2024

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