The Guilty (2000)
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The Guilty
 108 min | Year: 2000 |  Canada United Kingdom United States of America

The evil that men do

Callum Crane, a lawyer and would-be federal judge, jeopardizes his chances at a judgeship by forcing himself on his secretary. He then worsens the situation by trying to have the woman murdered. Further complicating matters, he assigns the task to a young man who, unbeknownst to Crane, is actually his son, Nathan. Nathan refuses to do the deed, but not before informing several people, one of whom tries to take on the job.

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Cheating Notes

Callum Crane's wife is cheating on him with his colleague, Brent. She has sex with Brent at 58:35 (with thrusting action but only her head and shoulders are seen). At 1:29:32, Callum sees them kissing (they already had implied sex, she's wrapped in a towel) in the bedroom of a house through a glass window.

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