The Inheritance (1976) aka L’eredità Ferramonti
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The Inheritance
 120 min | Year: 1976 |  Italy

Rome, 1880. Gregorio Ferramonti (Anthony Quinn) has decided to close his bakery, the family business. Then he tells his sons Pippo (Gigi Proietti), Mario (Fabio Testi) and Teta that they will have to fend for themselves. But Irene (Dominique Sanda), the wife of Pippo, a beautiful, calculating and ambitious young woman, wants to take over the inheritance. Acting on intelligence, weighing every step and its consequences, she manages to convince the brothers that they must prevent at all costs that his father falls in love again to avoid the risk of losing their inheritance.

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Cheating Notes

At 49:30, Irene's brother-in-law Mario visits her and volunteers to be her partner in terms of financial matters. He asks for a little kiss to seal their pact. She refuses at first but gets convinced and kisses him briefly, then he allows him to kiss her a second time, a little longer than the first one. She runs into the bedroom, he follows her and kisses her again and they have sex. Their main sex is not shown but we see him caress her boobs and kiss her naked body a bit after their main sex. Prior to this, there are several instances that they were already looking at each other with high interest every time they meet.

At 57:22, when the three siblings and their partners visit an estate, Mario tells Irene's husband (his half-brother) that he and Irene will go to the wine cellar ahead of them. There, they kiss before joining the group later.

Irene starts regularly visiting her father-in-law to gain his favor and dissuade him from marrying again. One night, when she comes out of his house, Mario waits for her in front of the house and fucks her in a storage room under the stairs (1:06:38).

After fighting with her husband because of her frequently being gone (meeting Mario and her father-in-law mostly), Irene comes to Mario's place and makes out and cuddles with him in front of the fireplace (1:14:24).

Irene gives her father-in-law a message on the shoulders, pressing her body on his naked chest. He suddenly kisses her on the neck but quickly apologizes after (1:23:00).

Irene's husband catches her and Mario petting, or specifically, Mario kissing her on the chest area (1:26:28). This is a cuckold moment for Irene's husband as he is now powerless to display outrage with what he saw and Mario even stops him from trying to kiss Irene's chest by using his cane to separate him from his wife and telling him to leave her alone. Irene and Mario then leave for a masquerade party, with her husband in no position to stop them.

Irene fucks her father-in-law at 1:42:22. Only the initial stage is shown, where she pulls down her dress in front of him, exposing her breasts, and then they hug and kiss as they go down on the bed.

At 1:46:55 is an after-sex bed scene with Irene and her father-in-law, where we see her tits and we see her kiss him on the chest and finding out that he has died and is already a corpse.

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Original / Other Title:  L'eredità Ferramonti

 Director:  Mauro Bolognini

Genres: Drama

Country:   Italy
Language:  Czech, Italian
Release Date:  21 October 1976

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