Deadly Embrace (1989)
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 82 min | Year: 1989 |  United States of America

A businessman hires a college student looking for a summer job to be a houseboy for his home in Beverly Hills. He isn't often at home which leads to his lonely wife starting an affair with the young stud.

A beautiful but horny and neglected Beverly Hills wife takes a liking to a hot young college stud that her husband hires as a houseboy on his summer break. It eventually gets through to her husband that some hanky-panky may possibly be going on, and he begins to spy on her.

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Cheating Notes

A surprisingly hot 80s erotic thriller. The scene where the young guy (a typical buff, dumb-looking college jock) rubs lotion on the wife's back (19:25) is erotic and more so their main sex scene at 25:56, which starts off when they playfully hose each other down with water, then they make out and pet heavily in the dirty kitchen, with her removing her top off in the process, and they proceed to fuck in the bedroom. The sex scene is very long and is divided and interspersed with the scene of her husband discussing to his lawyer about framing her to cheat with the young guy for divorce purposes.

At 41:34, the wife also leaves her sleeping husband's side to go meet the young guy in the dirty kitchen and make out and have implied sex with him.

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