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 110 min | Year: 2002 |  Denmark United Kingdom

A period drama/thriller about a surveyor and his fiancée who arrive in a remote Malaysian trading post and encounter a closed-fisted ivory trader and her ill-meaning family.

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Cheating scenes at 1:24:40 and at 1:31:40.

Sarah Morris, who is the intended bride of Hamish Winslow, decides to accompany him to the Malaysian outpost in the jungle before they tie the knot. Sarah, finds out, in the worst way, the horrors of being in that isolated spot, where she awakens the passion and sexual appetite of a lonely man.

The post is run with an iron hand by an English woman, Mrs. Jones, who has a creepy son, William. He begins spying on Sarah through cracks in the hut where she and Hamish are staying. This lonely man sees the attractive Sarah as a sex object that he craves.

Hamish gets stricken with a mysterious coma. Desperate, Sarah submits to the perverted will of the nurse and has sexual intercourse with William, and to her horror, achieving her first ever orgasm thereby.

Emerging from her confusing ordeal (is she radiant with gratification or utterly soiled? we aren't too sure) clutching her money, Sarah finds that Hamish has overheard her ecstatic yelps while having sex with William and is bleary with weeping, because, as we witnessed earlier, she has never climaxed with him, even in the tropical heat.

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 Director:  Kristian Levring

Genres: Thriller, Drama

Country:   Denmark United Kingdom
Language:  English
Release Date:  6 June 2002

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