The Man Who Loved Women (1983)
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R  110 min | Year: 1983 |  United States of America

Deciding which woman in the world he loves most is driving him out of his mind.

A womanizing sculptor seeks help from a psychiatrist to cure him of his obsession with women.

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Cheating Notes

At 19:00, David, a womanizing sculptor, bangs Agnes, who, based on their dialog, has a boyfriend. She gets naked but it's an after-sex scene only.

At 40:40, David begins an affair with Lulu/Louise, the wife of a rich man who hired him to do some sculpting project. It starts when, during an event, Lulu brings him to the couple's penthouse in a building that her husband owns and tells him to fuck her within 14 minutes because that's how much time before her husband will start looking for her and go up to the penthouse to see what the hell is going on.

Lulu also gives David a blowjob while they are being ticketed by a policeman on the highway. They also fuck inside the car while it's in the car wash, and she also gives her a blowjob in a private booth at a racetrack. Finally, they start kissing/making love in the penthouse but her husband unexpectedly arrives early so he has to hide in the closet.

Lulu also has a threesome with David and one of his women at 1:20:05, but so many things have already happened at that point, including her shooting her husband in the balls and getting jailed for it.

Unfortunately, Lulu (Kim Basinger) doesn't get naked.

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