The Minister’s Wife (1981) aka La mujer del ministro
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 101 min | Year: 1981 |  Mexico Spain

Rafael, a young man from the provinces, works as a waiter in a resort and helps himself economically having sex for money with rich older women like Leonor Marchioness of Montenegro. After getting caught in bed with him, Leonor Marchioness helps Rafael finds a new job in Madrid as the gardener in the mansion of Antonio Fernández Herrador, Minister of Economy. Immersed in his political career, the minister neglects his beautiful young wife, Teresa. Their marriage is going through a rough patch. Teresa, sexually frustrated with her husband's impotence, begins to pay attention to the attractive young gardener. She becomes pregnant by her lover and wants to have the baby. The minister is outraged. He would like his wife to have an abortion, but she is determined to have the child. Confronted with his wife threats of divorce, the minister reluctantly accepts the situation since otherwise, a scandal would ruin his political ambitions. The situation becomes murkier when a leftist terrorist group contacts Rafael. They need his help in order to know the whereabouts of the Minister since they are planning his kidnapping.

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36:50 The minister's wife and the gardener make out on the couch. Then, they proceed to have sex in bed at 37:34.

Original / Other Title:  La mujer del ministro

 Director:  Eloy de la Iglesia

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Mexico Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  27 August 1981

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