The Snake God (aka Il dio serpente)
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 94 min | Year: 1970 |  Italy Venezuela

Young Paola (Nadia Cassini) is married to the old but rich Bernard (Galeazzo Bentivoglio). After the couple moves to an island in the Caribbean, Paola befriends a local woman named Stella (Beryl Cunningham) who introduces her to the cult of the serpent god Djamballà. Paola, first despising the rituals of the cult, soon realizes that they represent the passion and lust lacking in her married life. At a ritual where reality is interspersed within fantasy, Paola has sex with a strong black man (Evaristo Márquez) she identifies with the serpent god himself. After her husband's sudden death, she invites her former lover Tony (Sergio Tramonti) to the island to start a new life but understands that Djamballà has become her sole obsession.

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Cheating Notes

Through Stella, Paola joins in a cult's ritual that is meant to praise Djamballa, the serpent god. She becomes sort of horny and hysterical in the process and she unbuttons her blouse, exposing her breasts, and rolls on the floor with Stella. The other women in the ritual also strips some or all of their clothes.

One night, Paola becomes horny on her bed. The ritual probably has something to do with it. She peeks through her window and sees an old female member of the cult outside. The cult member leads her to another ritual where she has sex with Djamballa. First, Djamballa comes crawling towards her as a snake, but when he reaches her, he becomes a black man and it is in that form that he fucks her.

Bernard, Paola's husband, suddenly dies in a plane accident. A short time after his funeral, she invites Tony, her ex-lover, over. They were already engaged before when she dumped him to marry the older but richer Bernard. So they are together again now. They have sex on the day he arrived but Paola's mind is somewhere else while they're doing it. She's probably thinking of the serpent god.

Paola becomes more distant, seeing the serpent god in the middle of a street party, and thinking of that night that they had sex while Tony tries to make love to her on the beach. This draws Tony towards Stella and the two become closer.

Paola takes a cruise on her boat with only the helmsman as her companion. She becomes horny while drinking some alcohol and looks at the helmsman lustily. She takes her bras off and calls the helmsman to come and give her a light. When the helmsman comes close to her, she kisses him and starts having sex with him. But after some time, the scene suddenly changes, with the helmsman standing at a distance from Paola, indicating that she may have just dreamt of their sex.

Paola takes another cruise on her boat and this time with Stella and Tony. Tony and Stella make out in front of her but she seems to have accepted it. She gets off the boat and swims to the nearby island. She finds Djamballa there and has sex with him.

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Original / Other Title:  Il dio serpente

 Director:  Piero Vivarelli

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Horror

Country:   Italy Venezuela
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  28 November 1970

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