The Tales of Nights 1 (TV Series) (2007)
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 40 min | Year: 2007 |  South Korea

Erotic drama stories from South Korea in the vein of ‘Erotic Tales’. Each episode presents a separate morality tale tied up in love and sexuality.

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Cheating Notes

Episodes 3, 4 and 7 are cheating wife episodes.

Episode 1: Red Stilettos

A woman from a portrait becomes alive and begins a love affair with the lighting engineer of the gallery.

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Episode 2: Insert Coin

This one's included in the movie version released for the Hong Kong market.

A young playboy pro-gamer finds an old joystick that makes the game heroine he's attracted to come alive, but there's a price to pay.

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Episode 3: Cyborg For You

Cheating wife.

A man orders a clone to do all the hard work for him. He didn't expect that the clone will also assume his duties as a husband, including making love to his wife. His clone is so good in bed that his wife's sensuality is really brought out to the surface, which makes him jealous. With plot twist in the end.

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Episode 4: A Woman in the Wall

Wife gets fucked in fantasy.

An interior designer obsesses over the next-door wife who is also the owner of a flower shop down the street along with her husband. The designer thinks that the wife is being physically hurt by her husband when they make love but she seems to be liking it based on her moans. When he thinks that he sees a pleading look in her eyes, he makes the move to rescue her.

(Spoiler) We see the wife fuck the guy only in his fantasy, but he doesn't actually score with her for real as she rejects him and even calls the cops on him. The progression of the drama is great. The wife is initially presented as a battered wife who chose to suffer in silence because maybe she secretly prefers masochism. I was really anticipating for the wife to give in, but sadly, she didn't. Oh well. With plot twist in the end.

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Episode 5: Lingerie Monologue

A woman's secret admirer sends her lingerie which brings out the sexuality in her.

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Episode 6: Moonlight Sonata

A man who has lost the will to live goes to a desolate town and meets a ghost who makes love to him and prevents him from killing himself. She turns out to be his recently deceased wife whose soul cannot leave this world until he can move on in life without her.

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Episode 7: As a Petal Falls

Cheating Wife. This one's included in the movie version released for the Hong Kong market.

In-suk, a former professional ballerina is a professor at the department of dance and having a normal marriage life. However, she feels bored of the present peaceful life, she happened to encounter Jun-ho at the parking lot. She came back to her normal life despite being attracted by Jun-ho’s young and tough charms. He turned out to be the boyfriend of In-suk’s student. In-suk became more attracted to Jun-ho without consciousness and at last, she began to shadow him…

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With English subtitles, but episode starts at 4:14:43.

Episode 8: Fantasy Island

A young lady goes to Fantasy Island to erase painful memories of her ex-lover. A guy she meets there may help her accomplish that.

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Original / Other Title:  천일야화, Cheoniryahwa, The Tales of Nights Season 1, One Thousand And One Nights Season 1, One Thousand And One Nights of Erotic Fantasy Season 1, Arabian Nights, 1001 Nights

 Director:  Kim Jung Goo

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  14 December 2007

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