Three Sexy Stories (1998)
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 90 min | Year: 1998 |  Taiwan

1. First story “Buy Ghost”: Fred is a rogue taxi driver, a Taoist priest to sell on late-night chance encounter ghosts, curiosity and bought under the ghost of a ghost, after; ordered whom to do a bad thing, ghosts are not from, Fred will be raped female ghosts, Taoist that after the forcible withdrawal of the ghost in order to protect the ghost.

2. Second story “Sex articles”: Xin Lian is an independent open-minded new woman, a Japanese friend Yuqing being bullied by her boyfriend, the heart to pacify Yuqing but will say their first sexual experience in order to remove Yuqing emotions.

3. Third story “Virgin”: Wen Hui is a virtuous woman beautiful, but unfortunately they married impotence of entrepreneurs, resulting in Wen Hui’s body is always a virgin, a day when the Wen Hui husband travel a relationship with the brother-and eventually makes the taste of sex Wen Hui joy.

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Cheating Notes

Ignore the confusing description above, but the first story (first 12 minutes) is about unintentional wife swapping. Two couples have a drink and have sex with the wrong partner.

The third story is about a wife who has sex with her brother-in-law when her husband goes out of town. Starts at 34:23.

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Original / Other Title:  96超級床上接班人


Country:   Taiwan
Language:  Mandarin
Release Date:  5 May 1998

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