Three Wives: Wild Nights (1972)
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 70 min | Year: 1972 |  Japan

A suspense drama that comically depicts the intersection of love, sex, and money between men and women. One day, an affair between Taro Mishima's wife, Itsuko, and his subordinate Akizuki was discovered. Mishima blames them, but the relationship with hostess Noriko is pointed out. After all this, they divorce and each remarries. However, Mishima's carnal desire extended to a young housekeeper Kimiko. Noriko's son Takashi marries his former lover, Etsuko. They start a new life at the residence of Mishima. Two men and three women cross each other under one roof, and a storm of desire blows up.

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Cheating Notes

No sex scene between Taro Mishima's wife, Itsuko, and his subordinate Akizuki is shown. They are only shown coming out of a hotel and getting photographed by a private detective at the beginning of the movie.

Taro Mishima remarries. His new wife and his son have sex (24:10 and 42:52).

Original / Other Title:  妻三人 狂乱の夜

 Director:  Masaru Konuma

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  28 October 1972

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