To Kill This Love (1972)
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 92 min | Year: 1972 |  Poland

The young couple love each other. The boy is in constant work which will fit him, and in the end becomes a petty thief who cannot pay his debts anymore and decides to steal from a home where he pays scheduled visits to a lonely housewife. The girl works a nurse but is too sensitive in extreme cases. Running parallel to their story is a metaphor involving a castaway on a junkyard, who tries every means possible to get rid of the dog which becomes attached to him. In the end he attaches sticks of dynamite to the dog, but he breaks loose and the explosion wipes them both.

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Cheating Notes

Andrzej and the housewife's cheating scenes are either implied sex or after-sex scenes only (28:09, 43:05).

Andrzej has sex with his girlfriend Magda at 1:16:53. It's the only proper sex scene with nudity in the movie.

Andrzej's roommate tries to seduce Magda by getting naked in front of her and inviting her to bed, but she doesn't take up his offer (41:40).

After Magda catches Andrzej and the housewife in bed (51:55), she tries to cheat with an older, bearded dude who has been hitting on her (58:10) but she doesn't go through with it.


Original / Other Title:  Trzeba zabić tę miłość

 Director:  Janusz Morgenstern

Genres: Drama

Country:   Poland
Language:  Polish
Release Date:  10 December 1972

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