To Paint or Make Love (2005)
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 100 min | Year: 2005 |  France

An affluent, middle-aged couple's uneventful lives are forever changed when they move into an isolated house in the country and befriend an odd, younger couple.

Happily married, faithful to each other, and still very much in love, a middle-aged couple of the early-retired meteorologist, William Lasserre, and his successful businesswoman wife, Madeleine, enjoy a well-ordered life, now that their only daughter has moved to Italy. But, Madeleine is also a skillful painter--and during one of her usual walks in the alpine Vercors region--not only will she stumble upon the town's sophisticated blind mayor, Adam, but also the picturesque rural farmhouse that would become the pair's new dream home. Obviously, things couldn't be better for the Lasserres; however, when calamity strikes Adam and his charming young wife, Eva, it's only natural that the disaster-stricken neighbours would taste a slice of William and Madeleine's warm and lavish hospitality. Just until they get back on their feet..

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Cheating Notes

The main couple swings with two or three couples. The first one, with the blind mayor and his wife, is at 44:34. The swapping sex is implied only. The second one, with the afro-hair guy and his female partner, well I don't know if they swap partners with them at all as there are no scenes to indicate that.

We see some action with the third couple. At 1:23:00, the wife from the other couple gets naked in front of the main husband in the bathroom, and then they go to the living room and start making out. And beside them is the husband from the other couple eating the main wife's pussy.

Original / Other Title:  Peindre ou faire l'amour

 Director:  Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Country:   France
Language:  French
Release Date:  24 August 2005

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