Tsuma no Himi – Yugurete nao (2016)
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 76 min | Year: 2016

Nanao is a 26 years old housewife living with her husband and father-in-law. The father is gentle compared to the husband, but recently he seems strange. Unknown to her, her father-in-law discovers that she is seeing a lover. This emboldens him and starts to make sexual advances on her. When she finally relents, he discovers for himself that what he ultimately wants is companionship rather than physical intimacy. One day, Nanao reads her father-in-law's diary and knows that they are condemned.

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Original / Other Title:  妻の秘蜜〜夕暮れてなお〜, 妻の秘蜜 夕暮れてなお , Tsuma no Himi ~ yugurete nao ~ , 妻の秘蜜, My Wife’s Secret Honey ~Even at Dusk~

 Director:  Hideo Jojo


Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  6 January 2016

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