Untold Scandal (2003)
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Untold Scandal (2003)


Based on the novel ‘Dangerous Liaisons,’ this film is set in aristocratic 18th-century Korea at the end of the Chosun Dynasty. The irresistible temptress Lady Cho asks her player cousin, Jo-won, to deflower the innocent young Soh-ok, who is to become her husband’s concubine. But, his attentions soon shift to the graceful and aloof Lady Jung, who lives according to her convictions as a Catholic. Jo-won becomes obsessed with seducing this chaste woman who has remained celibate for nine years since her husband’s death. However, conquering the most virtuous woman in the land proves to be more difficult than Chosun’s notorious playboy expects.

Details for the movie Untold Scandal (2003)

Other Title: 스캔들 – 조선남녀상열지사

Director: Lee Jae-yong

Starring: Bae Yong-joon, Lee Mi-sook, Jeon Do-yeon, Lee So-yeon, Seo Yoon-ah

Genre: Drama

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Cheating Scenes in the movie Untold Scandal (2003)

The wife of Lord Yu tells her player cousin that he can screw her if he can seduce and impregnate the future second wife of her husband. Her cousin tells her that it’s too easy and he has a different target, a chaste widow. So they bet on the widow instead. If the cousin can screw the widow, then he can screw her too.

The cousin is able to screw the widow, but he falls in love and stays with her a bit longer than he should have, so when he claims to collect his price, the wife of Lord Yu tells him that she got tired of waiting and takes on a lover of her own, a young guy. Later, when the wife is ready to give her cousin his price, it’s his turn to reject her.

Plus, the cousin also screws the future second wife of Lord Yu, anyway. One time, he tells her to go to his room so that he can teach her how to write a letter to a young guy whom she has fallen in love with (the young guy who became the wife’s lover above). Aside from teaching her how to write, he also screws her that night and several times after that and is able to impregnate her. So the future second wife cheats on her future husband emotionally with one guy and then sexually with another.

Untold Scandal (2003)
Untold Scandal (2003) – screenshots

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