Twin Peaks (TV Series) (1990)
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 50 min | Year: 1990 |  United States of America

A town where everyone knows everyone and nothing is what it seems.

The body of Laura Palmer is washed up on a beach near the small Washington state town of Twin Peaks. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is called in to investigate her strange demise only to uncover a web of mystery that ultimately leads him deep into the heart of the surrounding woodland and his very own soul.

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Cheating Notes

The cheating scenes in this series are mostly just kissing/sensual kissing, light petting, and implied sex. Nothing heavy and no nudity. At least four wives/girlfriends cheat here, maybe more.

Shelly (Madchen Amick), a waitress, is cheating on her trucker husband with Bobby, a delinquent jock student. Some of her and Bobby's cheating scenes are at :

  • S1E1 17:02 - They kiss in the car after he picks her up at the diner.
  • S1E5 21:33 - Sensual kissing while she sits on his lap.
  • S1E6 9:35 - Sensual kissing.
  • S2E2 35:00 - Kissing and implied sex in the car, while talking about how they will take advantage of her now-paralyzed husband's disability checks.
  • S2E6 29:03 - They make out/pet while lying down on a table in front of her paralyzed husband and would probably have sex but stop when her supposedly immobilized husband moves his head a little bit.
  • S2E19 37:39 - Shelly kisses an older, accomplished man in front of Bobby at the diner.

James, a biker dude, meets Evelyn, a rich man's wife in an empty bar. She makes her work at his garage on her husband's nice cars and begins an affair with him. Their cheating scenes are at:

  • S2E12 22:35 - They kiss in a car inside the garage.
  • S2E13 13:00 - Brief kissing.
  • S2E13 35:02,37:34 - They kiss beside a car and have implied sex in the bedroom. (Spoiler) After she gets out of the bedroom, she kisses and hugs Malcolm, whom she introduced to James as her brother but she is actually her lover, and she seduced James because she and Malcolm are going to frame him up.

Donna (Lara Flynn Boyle) kisses a shut-in/incel at S2E5 40:04 to distract him while her companion steals something from him. At this point, she is currently the girlfriend of James.

Josie, an Asian chick and widow of a rich man who recently died, is currently in a relationship with the sheriff. They first kiss at S1E1 1:31:33 and kiss and have implied sex on the floor at S1E4 43:10. At S2E4 29:43, she teases him with her sexy black lingerie and they have sex on the couch, but we only see the pre-sex kissing.

At S2E6 19:33, Josie has reluctant implied sex with a mean-looking Chinese guy. Her relationship with him isn't exactly explained. This guy also saw her have sex with the sheriff through the window earlier.



We learn later that Josie's husband is still alive.

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