Under the Doctor (1976)
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 81 min | Year: 1976 |  United Kingdom

Several female patients tell their sex-related troubles to psychiatrist Doctor Boyd.

Doctor Boyd's first patient is Marion, played by Penny Spencer; she tells the psychiatrist about how she increased her chances of getting a job by shagging the boss (also played by Evans) during the interview.

The doc's second patient is posh totty Lady Victoria Stockbridge (Hilary Pritchard), whose family has fallen on hard times (story starts at 17:20). To make ends meet, she seduces stockbroker Rodney Harrington-Harrington (Jonathan Cecil), trading sex for insider knowledge, and ends up shagging his lecherous butler too.

Lady Stockbridge then tells the psychiatrist about her fantasies, in which she is a lady during the reign of George II, with two men vying for her affection: a foppish aristocrat and a roguish lieutenant. She is somehow promised to both of them and she kisses both of them, and starts having sex with the winner of their gun duel, but when she finds something out about the winner, she quickly switches side to the loser.

The final case is that of Sandra, who was jilted on her wedding day, and who has invented an imaginary family as a coping mechanism. Sandra's imaginary husband is understandably randy, jumping on his wife at every chance, which leaves the poor woman frustrated that she is never able to practise the art of seduction.

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 Director:  Gerry Poulson

Genres: Comedy

Country:   United Kingdom
Language:  English
Release Date:  1 November 1976

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