Under the Sand (2000)
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NR  92 min | Year: 2000 |  France Japan

Can love vanish without a trace?

When her husband goes missing at the beach, a female professor begins to mentally disintegrate as her denial of his disappearance becomes delusional.

Middle-aged Marie (luminous Charlotte Rampling making a belated but extremely welcome return to leading roles), an English literature professor at a Parisian university, quite literally loses her husband (hauntingly sad-eyed Bruno Cremer) while on seaside holiday. She takes a nap on the beach as he's out swimming. When she wakes up, he has disappeared. Accidentally or voluntarily drowned ? Hiding perhaps from a stifling marriage ? Ozon offers no solid answers but focuses but focuses on Marie's stubborn denial of her husband's departure as she resumes her professional and social life as if nothing had happened. While those around her assume she's slipping from sanity, the truth proves considerably less tangible and far more nuanced. A tentative affair with the friend of a friend seems doomed from the start, leading to the shattering final scene, all the more heartbreaking for being open to any number of interpretations, none of them particularly cheerful.

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Cheating Notes

The wife's husband goes missing at the beach and she has no idea what happened to him.

The wife tries to live her life without her husband but still denies his departure. During dinner with friends, she is introduced to one of their friends named Vincent. Vincent drives her home and tries to kiss her in the car but she rejects him (23:35).

The wife fucks Vincent at his place (43:09).

The wife imagines that her husband is looking at her while she is fucking Vincent (1:08:07).

Original / Other Title:  Sous le Sable

 Director:  François Ozon

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Country:   France Japan
Language:  French, English
Release Date:  11 September 2000

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