Uninvited Guest (1999)
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 116 min | Year: 1999 |  United States of America

Debbie and Howard are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Or so Debbie thought.

During a small gathering, a smooth, seductive stranger is invited into a couple's house party and falls in love with the wife. Turns out the stranger is an escaped convict who demands that the wife leave the country with him and threatens to kill anyone who stands in his way.

Debbie, a secretary and Howard, a scriptwriter are celebrating their wedding anniversary at home. Or so she thought. A special night together turns into a nightmare when Howard lets a man, Silk into the house to use the phone. Besides the car trouble that brought him to the door, he also brings along a string of frightening murders. Debbie then finds out that her husband and best friend, Tammy set a hit on her, just to earn a lot of money. But all of that backfires on everyone, especially Debbie, who gets shot by her own husband and dies, but still gets revenge on him after her demise.

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Cheating Notes

Howard lets a stranger, Silk, into the house to use the phone. He's a handsome, smooth seductive man. He stays and plays poker with Howard and his two male friends. Silk introduces himself to Debbie, Howard's wife who is in a tight, short dress, while Tammy, Debbie's best friend, unwantedly introduces herself to him. Silk and Debbie's interaction is already sexy, with him already making some subtle flirty talk with her in front of her husband. She's smiling and looks attracted to him but is not really openly flirting back, but a jealous husband would probably notice.

Guy flirts with wife and makes his move

Debbie talks to Silk alone to set Tammy up on a date with him (it's Tammy's idea). When Debbie asks Silk if he knows what she wants to talk to him about, he tells her, "You're bored with your husband, and you want to spend the rest of your life with me." She laughs and says he's funny. Then, they talk about her being an artist and not pursuing it because of marriage. Although she isn't exactly flirting at this point, her smiles and gestures in front of him while they talk are quite sexy.

Silk takes Debbie's earlier offer about beer. He goes to the kitchen while Debbie comes back to the back porch to tell her husband about what she's doing with Silk. He doesn't know that he has left yet. Tammy stops her to make sure that her husband doesn't fuck up her chances of getting a date with Silk. So Debbie comes back to the kitchen, with her husband unaware that she's still entertaining Silk.

Debbie tells Silk that Tammy is interested in him, but he says that his interest lies somewhere else. When she asks if he's involved with someone, he says not yet, but soon, while looking meaningfully at her. He starts coming forward towards her. She walks backs and hits a chair behind her. He offers to take a look at her injured ankle and starts to lift her. She starts saying, "My husband..", but he says not to worry about him and lifts her. She looks very sexy in her tight, short dress, allowing a guy to carry her while her husband is just nearby. She even looks behind to see if maybe her husband can see them doing it.

Silk puts Debbie down on the island counter, starts rubbing her foot and they talk more about her painting. When they talk about what she should paint, he asks her to close her eyes to imagine it.

Guy eats wife's pussy on the countertop

The next scene will become very sexy. Silk starts talking smoothly to Debbie while her eyes are closed to make her visualize what to paint while simultaneously rubbing her foot. She starts getting turned on, swaying her head slowly from side to side and then also moaning. After a few moments, we see that Silk's head is now between her spread-wide open legs and is eating her pussy while she's sitting on the countertop!

Suddenly, Debbie's husband comes in and calls her. She opens her eyes and comes back to her senses and realizes that Silk is not there anymore. But her panties are on the ground.

Due to the way they presented the pussy-eating scene, it isn't so clear if Debbie just imagined it or it really happened, but a dialog between the two later will tell us that it did happen.

Wife hides her dropped panties from her husband

When Debbie's husband offers to look at her 'injured' ankle, she springs back up from the counter and comes forward towards him, not wanting him to see her panties on the ground, and says she's fine. "Obviously," her husband replies, and this tells us that she didn't really need Silk to rub her foot earlier because her ankle was just fine. Getting all worked up from her interaction with Silk, Debbie asks her husband to fuck her but he rejects her. Finally, she kicks her panties towards the bottom of the counter when her husband comes near it as he gets some beer from the fridge.

Tammy comes into the kitchen and asks Debbie if she is able to set her up with Silk. She says no. When Tammy asks her for more details and she says there ain't no more, Tammy asks her what she'd been doing with him then, since she was with him forever. Then, she discovers Debbie's panties that she hid below the counter and another interesting dialog between them occurs, with Debbie denying that something actually happened.

Guy walks in on wife masturbating in the bathtub

Something happens which removes Debbie's husband and his friend from the scene and lets Silk walk right into the door of the couple's bathroom and sees Debbie masturbating in the bathtub. She covers herself and denies that she is thinking about him when he asks her who she was 'making love to' in the bathtub. He tries to kiss her while she's in her bathrobe on the back porch but she rejects him, telling him that what happened earlier between them (pussy-eating) was a mistake.

Guy takes reluctant wife to an art gallery, practically a date, lowering her guard more

Debbie goes out to look for her husband and reluctantly accepts Silk's offer to accompany him since he tells her that he knows where her husband went to get beers. She rides with him on his motorbike. He instead takes her to an art gallery, where he successfully makes her talk more about her passion for painting and lowers her guard more. On their ride home, she looks sexy sitting on the back of his motorcycle, with her tight jeans and sleeveless red top, especially knowing that she's a hot chick who is riding a motorbike with a stud-looking guy that isn't her husband. She presses her breasts on his back, indicating that she has become more comfortable with him.

Guy fucks wife in the hot tub

Debbie comes back home with Silk and still doesn't find her husband. Silk invites himself to the hot tub. When Debbie finds out, she gets mad at him again and tells him to leave. He makes some smooth-talk again, and finally, when she gets near him to try to physically pull him out of the tub, he pulls her in instead and starts kissing her. After some initial resistance, she finally kisses back and fucks him. After humping him while sitting on his lap for a bit, she sees her husband on a window of their house, bound and gagged and looking at them. She springs out of his lap fast and comes running to her husband while Silk is left on the tub, looking at her husband while grinning.


Very hot. The erotic seduction stage between a reluctant wife and a bad-boy, dominant type of guy before he successfully nails her is what it's all about.

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