Vares: The Path of the Righteous Men (2012)
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 96 min | Year: 2012 |  Finland

Jussi Vares goes to a small town to investigate the murder of a young woman. This little good-loving town isn't as pure as it seems.

The body of a young woman whose heart has been ripped out of her chest is found in a remote are in Finland. The finder of the body, a dismissed pastor, hires private investigator Jussi Vares to investigate the crime. Vares uncovers a criminal ring involved in extortion, religious scams, exploitation of minors and stock market speculation.

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Cheating Notes

Jussi Vares goes to a small town to investigate the murder of a young woman. There, he fucks the pastor's wife, who is the town's librarian, on a table in her office (34:50). Earlier, he catches her masturbating in the library (13:25). The wife is also having an affair with the owner of a printing house that prints her husband's religious books. One night her husband comes home and finds her getting fucked from behind by the guy (1:13:00). Her sex scenes have proper thrusting action but they're non-nude. There's a flashback nude sex scene involving another female character at 1:22:38.

Original / Other Title:  Vares – Kaidan tien kulkijat

 Director:  Anders Engström

Genres: Crime, Action

Country:   Finland
Language:  suomi
Release Date:  6 January 2012

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