Vista Valley PTA (1981)
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Vista Valley PTA
 85 min | Year: 1981 |  United States of America

A new administrator arrives at a school where a couple of female teachers have already been raped. She tries disciplining a couple of the more rowdy male students, but they don't pay her any respect. The setting weaves the lives (read: sex lives) of various town folk, and they're all screwed up. On the outside, they appear to be normal, middle-class Americans, but St. James soon discovers the reverse is true. The Bible-thumping preacher, for example, frequents a whorehouse and jerks off watching a hooker play with herself. Everyone is screwing someone other than his or her spouse.

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Cheating Notes

Character Sandra cheats on her boyfriend with his father and her own mom (separated).

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 Director:  Anthony Spinelli

Genres: Porn

Language:  English
Release Date:  3 April 1981

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