Where Can You Go Without the Little Vice?
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Where Can You Go Without the Little Vice?
 86 min | Year: 1979 |  Italy

A private investigator is hired by a rich man's wife to discover if her husband is having an affair. The investigator, together with his assistant, pose as a gay butler and as a female cook in order to spy on all of the happenings within the couple's mansion.

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Cheating Notes

When the wife first hires the detective, she makes out with him in the comfort room, and he even gets to see her boob and touch it a bit.

Later, when the detective is already posing as a gay butler in the mansion, the wife lets him rub lotion on her naked skin in a lustful manner beside the pool. It's not just simple rubbing anymore as his hand is really groping her breasts and touching her body parts lasciviously.

Deep in the night, the detective enters the couple's bedroom and has sex with the wife beside her sleeping husband.

At the ending part, while the detective is reporting his findings to the wife who is doing some exercise,  he undresses her and touches her body lasciviously again while she is on all fours.

Then, there are the other women in the mansion, including the two hot maids whom the detective has a threesome with.

Italian classic sexy actresses always deliver in my book.

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Original / Other Title:  Dove vai se il vizietto non ce l'hai?

 Director:  Marino Girolami

Genres: Comedy, Sex Comedy

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  4 August 1979

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