Wife’s Friend Reunion (2017)
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 86 min | Year: 2017 |  South Korea

Ji-yeong is a good-looking, slim and big-breasted married insurance planner who is really bad at her job. Not only that, her husband is a jobless jerk who abuses her and always relies on her for money. Dae-cheol, her school friend, suggests she sells some insurance at the friends' reunion where alot of wealthy friends will show up. Ji-yeong doesn't really feel like it but she dresses up sexily and goes to the reunion. For some reason, her results at work are getting better and better every time she goes to the reunion...

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Cheating Notes

The film is made more erotic because of the drama and the wife's reluctance every time she fucks her insurance clients.

Original / Other Title:  아내의 동창회

 Director:  Lee Ri-dan

Genres: Romance

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  9 March 2017

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