Witchcraft vs. Curse (1991)
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 88 min | Year: 1991 |  Hong Kong

Hung is disappointed when her man, Yuk Lung, becomes engaged to pretty Pai Lin. Hung and her scheming mother engage a sorcerer, Ko Yin Yau, to place a spell on him. Yuk Lung becomes possessed by the Adultery Ghost, and he leaves Pai Lin in the middle of having sex with her, going to Hung. Pai Lin and her friend Nancy rush to Thailand, seeking the help of another sorcerer, Simol. The title alludes to the battle of the two spell-casters, through their two hosts. Along the way, plenty of excuses are found to get all the clothes off a number of lovely young women.

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Cheating Notes

At 37:14, a husband seeks the lady sorcerer's help to punish his wife and her lover through witchcraft. We then see the wife and her lover fucking in the bathtub at the exact moment, and then we see the punishment.

Original / Other Title:  色降

 Director:  Fong Yau, Hoh Tin-Shing

Genres: Fantasy, Drama

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  20 April 1991

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