Outing (2015)
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Young and beautiful woman, Shin-hye, is a good housewife with all of her focus on her husband and housekeeping. However, she has a concern these days. She and her husband are drifting apart from each other, while her husband has been refusing sex with her and treating her like a ghost. As her unhappiness with her husband is growing bigger, she attends her high school alumni meeting, where she encounters her first love, Seong-jin. Shin-hye is drawn to Seong-jin, who is a cool handsome grown-up man now. She slowly steps into the forbidden realm, as to say ‘affair’ in spite of herself.

Details for the movie Outing (2015)

Other Title: 외출

Director: Gi Dae-ho

Starring: Jeong Seo-yoon, Jeon Hyeon-soo

Genre: Asian Erotica

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Cheating Scenes in Outing (2015)

Note: Watched without subtitles.

The wife dreams of having sex with her husband. Apparently, it’s because he hasn’t been fucking her for a while now. When she wakes up from that dream, she tries to initiate sex with her husband but he rejects her.

The wife attends an informal reunion with her high school friends. There, she gets reunited with her ex-boyfriend. After their gathering, he jumps into her cab to accompany her home so that she will be safe. Her expression tells us that she finds this sweet.

Apparently, the wife is also friends with her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend. She meets them up and the three of them have a friendly dinner.

The husband screws his mistress in the ladies’ room

Later, the girlfriend also meet up with the wife and her husband in a hotel lounge. It seems that she knows the husband, too. The husband’s mistress passes by their table and discreetly gives him a signal to follow her into the ladies’ room. The husband excuses himself and fucks his mistress in one of the cubicles inside the ladies’ room. The girlfriend uses the cubicle beside theirs and hears the moaning of the mistress. She bangs the wall and tells her to hush up. She thinks she is moaning because of toilet problems but it’s actually because she is getting fucked from behind by the husband. This scene is quite erotic.

The wife fucks her ex-boyfriend

The wife visits the mini-bar where her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend is working (or perhaps she owns it). The ex-boyfriend comes in just after her. The girlfriend receives a call from some friends who are inviting her to come drink with them. She leaves the wife and her boyfriend in the bar and tells them that she will come back later.

The wife and her ex-boyfriend close up the bar and go to a park. There, they talk while walking and even take some selfies. Then, they go back to the bar. As soon as they enter the door, the ex-boyfriend grabs and kisses the wife. She resists him heavily at first, but eventually, she gives in and starts kissing back. Her ex-boyfriend lifts her and makes her sit on the bar ledge and they make out heavily, with the wife’s blouse open and lowered down and her bra exposed.

Suddenly, the girlfriend comes knocking on the bar door. She forgot her keys so she cannot enter. The wife and her ex-boyfriend stop their heavy petting session and look at the direction of the door, but they do not make a sound and have no intention of opening it. They feel relieved when the girlfriend stops banging the door and leaves. They do not resume their make-out session, however.

The ex-boyfriend takes the wife home (to her house). Her husband is not home yet. Here, he fucks her properly in the bed that she shares with her husband. We get several minutes of their fucking. She cums on top of him, something she hasn’t experienced with her husband for a while.

The two couples drink together

The girlfriend sets up a dinner for the four of them. After that, they proceed to the wife and her husband’s house to have some drinks. The wife does not join them, however. She just stays in the kitchen most of the time. As the night progresses, the husband and the girlfriend get really drunk. Meanwhile, the ex-boyfriend is watching his drink and is always glancing at the kitchen where the wife is all the time. It seems that he wants to fuck her badly.

The husband stands up, enters the bedroom and passes out. Meanwhile, the girlfriend leaves to go somewhere and will return back later. This is the ex-boyfriend’s chance. He comes to the kitchen and grabs the wife from behind. The wife resists him, considering that her husband is just inside their bedroom. Her ex-boyfriend starts kissing her and grabbing her boobs. She resists a little initially, then she kisses back. The ex-boyfriend takes off his shirt and then hers.

While they are kissing passionately, they bump into some kitchen items. This makes a loud sound which wakes up the husband. He comes out of his room to pee. The wife and her ex-boyfriend hide in the corner while still embracing each other.

Outing (2015)


When the husband comes back from the john, the two are in a crouching position and hiding behind the dining table. When the husband gets inside the bedroom, the two resume their kissing and proceed to fuck, with him sitting on a chair and her sitting and grinding on his lap.

When the girlfriend comes back later, she finds her boyfriend passed out drunk on the sofa while the wife is cleaning up the mess from their drinking session. It’s as if the two weren’t fucking each other’s brains out just a few moments ago.


The prim and proper wife is hiding some great curves under those casual clothing. Her cheating scenes are erotic, especially the one in the kitchen. The husband’s cheating scene in the ladies’ room is quite nice, too. Though it would have been nicer if it was the wife who did it. All in all another nice Korean cheating wife softcore.

Outing (2015) - screenshots
Outing (2015) – screenshots

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