Ginto sa putikan (1987) aka Gold in the Mud


Raffy allows Tessie, his live-in girlfriend, to be an escort to provide for them while he is still finishing his studies. Tessie becomes the steady mistress of Mr. Robles, a rich client. Raffy, although jealous sometimes, even welcomes Mr. Robles at his and Tessie’s place, pretending that he is just Tessie’s brother. Complications arise when Tessie gets pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father is between the two men. Meanwhile, Mrs. Robles finds out […]


Nimfa (1990)

April 28, 2020

Unhappy with her marriage to a sadistic man, Nimfa (Cristina Gonzales) gets involved with a married man (Gabby Concepcion) trapped in an early marriage. Each finding comfort from each other due to their marital problems, a forbidden love affair blossoms. Eventually, the relationship is discovered by both sides. Though their love is very powerful, marriage still prevails in our society’s norms.

Asawa Mo, Kalaguyo Ko

Asawa Mo, Kalaguyo Ko (1980) aka Your Wife, My Lover

November 8, 2017

Edgar helps Mario get a job in the same factory he works at. Aside from that, he also lets Mario and his wife Celia live in his house so that they won’t have to pay rent. Mario is always tired coming home from work, which leads to Celia getting sexually frustrated. Hence, Celia seduces Edgar one day. What will happen to Edgar and Mario’s friendship and Mario and Celia’s marriage?