Catch the Brotherhood (2019) aka Covet One’s Brother-in-law


Haru, who runs away from home comes to her sister Yu-hee’s house to seek shelter. Yu-hee lives with her boyfriend In-gyu, who was a teacher of Haru in high school and whom she has a crush on in like forever. Haru starts seducing In-gyu and she also asks her boyfriend Jin-sang to seduce her older sister so that she will be tempted to cheat on In-gyu. The reason the day is ending like this is […]

Cheating Wives 2 (2018)


So-yeon and Jun-seok goes on a trip to have a good time. Dong-wook tells Min-seo that he is going to return to his house now. Min-seo is also contemplating on returning home to her husband, but So-yeon comes home abruptly from her trip, because she’s pissed that Jun-seok was talking to other women on the phone all the time. Later, Sang-woo, Min-seo’s husband, and Jun-seok come to So-yeon’s house and each asks for forgiveness from […]

Cheating Wives (2018)


Min-seo, who had a quarrel with her husband, stays at the house of her divorced friend So-yeon. While So-yeon is busy in bed with her boyfriend Jun-seok, Min-seo hangs out with their friend Dong-wook. She teaches him how to apply a face mask on his face and they have a session together, and this leads to them making love. When Min-seo goes home to pick up some of her belongings, she meets her husband’s lover. […]