Bastoni: The Stick Handlers (2002)


A wife decides to be in a porn film so that she can have sex onscreen with a porn actor, who is her ex-boyfriend, and maybe win him back. Plus, the porn actor’s wife is also a porn actress and they have no problem with each other fucking other people onscreen as long as there are no emotions involved. But what if emotion suddenly crops up?

Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon (TV Series) (2014)


Sasamoto Sawa is a housewife. Through an incident, she begins to have an affair with another man. Takikawa Rikako is a housewife and involved in an extra marital affair. She leads Sawa into having an affair. Life is simple for Sasamoto Sawa, a young housewife, but when the adulteress Takigawa Rikako moves into her neighborhood, so too does a new world of sophistication and sex. After Takigawa is nearly caught in the act, Sasamoto covers […]