Love Hunter (1972)


Twenty-year-old Kazuo is in love with his college girlfriend, Hisako, but he can’t help but be intrigued by a mysterious older woman named Kyoku, a promiscuous woman who later gets married to her rich cousin but is unsatisfied with it. As time goes on, both Kazuo and Hisako are pulled into the seemingly rules-free, borderless world of Kyoku – with all of its many pains and pleasures.

Apartment Wife: Night of Pleasure (1973)


7th in the Nikkatsu Roman Porno’s Apartment Wife series. Kazuaki Koizumi and Saeko, who set up a new house in the suburbs, finally celebrated their first wedding anniversary. However, on that memorable day, Saeko was attacked by a thug. What’s more, the thug raped her and killed her dog. On that night, when Kazuaki returned home and had known the whole story, he gave up their new home to his subordinate Yukio Muraishi and moved […]

Crazy for Love

January 7, 2019

Kazuko Shirakawa plays a girl who left home to satisfy her inner lust. Her passion turns to despair when she looks at her miserable life and sees the loss of her one true love and eventually becomes a prostitute. Everything is masterminded by her jealous sister, who hopes to bed her husband. She eventually gets her wish.

Secret Rendezvous

Apartment Wife: Secret Rendezvous

December 28, 2018

2nd in the Nikkatsu Roman Porno’s Apartment Wife series. Shuichi and Nobuko are an ordinary, young couple, a promising company employee and his pretty wife. They think nothing can mar their peaceful life but nothing is permanent in this world and Shuichi’s company goes bankrupt. Shuichi feels lost. He misses the good times he had at bars and cabarets, especially Hiromi, a hostess. Nobuko offers to work while he hunts for a job and finds […]