Inbō no yoru: Kurikaesu masayume (2016)


In this dark and mind-bending film, Yuriko is a miserable house wife forced to live under the emotional and physical abuse of her husband. A wanted criminal, known for home invasions and aggravated assault, breaks into Yuriko’s residence, but surprisingly he sets her free. Due to the immense emotional distress she has gone through, Yuriko attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge, only to wash ashore and have her life saved by the man that […]

Coquettish Wife (2009)


Several years after the opening of the country in the Meiji Period, the Westernization has also come to a remote town where Gonzo, a clog maker, and his wife, Osei, live. While shoes take over from clogs, Gonzo hasn’t been able to make money from his business and owes Zenzo, who controls the town. Taking advantage of it, Zenzo tries to sleep with Osei, to much resentment. Tired of their poor life and Zenzo, Osei […]