Zigeunerweisen (1980)


The story involves two friends, a professor and a vagabond, and their relationships with their wives, as well as a geisha they once met on a vacation. The vagabond, whose wife looks identical to the geisha, doesn’t stay faithful, or even at home. He has sex with the professor’s wife, but then due to the surreal nature of the film, it might be the professor who actually has sex with the vagabond’s wife.

Fruits of Passion (1981)


A girl loves a rich and much older man and is willing to do everything he wants to show her love, but he is playing a sick game with her. As part of this game, he sends her to a Chinese brothel. A poor young boy sees her and falls in love with her. To get the money needed to sleep with her, he joins “the revolution”. Additionally, the movie shows the fate of some […]