ADN-013 Forgive me, Dear… Honda Riko Scars of Rape (2014)



A door-to-door salesman follows a housewife home. The next day he knocks on her door and tries to sell her something. But his ultimate motive is to force his utmost desires towards her.

Details for ADN-013

Other Titles: You, And Forgive …. Honda Riko Scars Of Rape

Starring: Riko Honda

Genre: JAV, Porn

Country: Japan

Hot Scenes in ADN-013

While the housewife is walking with her husband on the street, the salesman notices her and likes what he sees. He follows them home so that he will know where she lives.

The next day, he knocks on the housewife’s door after her husband leaves for work. He is able to convince her to let him in and listen to his sales pitch.

The next day, the salesman comes back but this time he rapes her. During this time, the housewife is really being raped and she really is crying.

The salesman comes back several times to rape her. Interestingly, her doors are always unlocked for him. Gradually, the wife starts to like being raped by her and in their final sex scene has become very cooperative.

In the last scene, she is the bed with her husband, thinking whether she should tell him about the rape. But how can she, when she actually likes it? So she just gives her husband a hug, and decides it’s better if he doesn’t know that he got cuckolded big time.


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  1. Oi sou um apreciador dos vídeos a muito tempo e gostaria de saber se não tem como eles postarem os vídeos com legendas em português pois tenho muita curiosidade de saber o que eles estão conversando

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