Affair: Good Aunt (2018)
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 71 min | Year: 2018 |  South Korea

A playboy nephew and a revealing aunt covet each other!

After being discharged from the military, Min-jae falls for clubs and spends his days dissolutely. Unable to bear such a son, the mother kicks Min-jae out which forces him to live with his uncle. Min-jae, who has grown into a man in just a few years, and Aunt Ji-hee, who is full of sensuality, fall for each other at first sight, so whenever Min-jae's uncle leaves the house, they covet each other's bodies. One night, his uncle wakes up at dawn and looks for his wife who has disappeared from their bedroom, He finds two people passionately making love in Min-jae's room...

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Cheating Notes

Original / Other Title:  정사 : 착한 숙모

 Director:  Boogon Kim
 Stars:  Oh Ji-hyun, Min Do-yoon

Genres: Comedy

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  21 September 2018

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