Besame Mucho (2001) aka Kiss Me Much
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 100 min | Year: 2001 |  South Korea

A married South Korean man with 4 kids gets fired for being honest. Same day the family's house etc. is frozen due to having guaranteed his brother's defaulted loan. The family changes during the month given to pay the debt.

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Cheating Notes

The working man gets fired from his job and his house is in danger of being repossessed. He makes a deal with a rich client of his: to let him work under him and get 10% of his potential stock winnings in exchange for illegally-obtained stock tips.

The rich client has a horny wife. During a party, the working man witnesses her banging another guy in a secluded room (45:37).

Meanwhile, the working man's wife tries to borrow money from friends and relatives. One answers her call: a nerd from high school who had a big crush on her and who is now rich. He offers her money in exchange for sex. She refuses.

The rich man's wife seduces the working man one night in his office, which is in the couple's mansion (49:00). She aggressively forces herself on him, starting on his desk and they end up on the floor, with her on top. Her husband comes home and catches them in that position. Although her boobs popped out, they are still both clothed so no penetration has happened yet. This ends the deal between the rich man and the working man, but I'm not sure about the couple's marriage.

The rich man's wife still wants to fuck the working man, so she offers him 20% of his deal with her husband, provided they go to his home and fuck on his bed. He reluctantly agrees and they do it at 1:02:00. While this is happening, the working man's wife has decided to come to her rich nerd admirer's house to accept his sex-for-money deal. However, she changes her mind and leaves without fucking him.

When the deadline for the house repossession arrives and her family is about to be kicked out, the wife decides once and for all to fuck her rich nerd admirer, and this time, she doesn't bail out (1:17:24). Her guilt eats her up though, so she confesses to her husband later.

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Part 4/7 (rich man's wife fucks a guy at a party and tries to fuck the working man in his office)

Part 5/7 (rich man's wife fucks the working man at his home and working man's wife's attempts to have sex for money for the first time)

Part 6/7 (working man's wife finally fucks her rich nerd admirer for money)

Part 7/7

Original / Other Title:  베사메무쵸, Kiss Me Much

 Director:  Jeon Yun-su

Genres: Drama

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  31 August 2001

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