Body Language (1995)
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R  120 min | Year: 1995 |  United States of America

When desire and obsession are beyond words.

A smart lawyer with a moral weakness runs into a sexpot who is irretrievably married to a schmuck. When the lawyer (Tom Berenger) and the stripper (Heidi Schanz) are finished humping each other's brains out, they decide to kill Schanz's husband (Robert "Agent Dogget" Patrick), one of them wife-abusin', beer-drinkin', red-necked peckerwood stereotypes that movies like this insist on exhuming from time to time. The couple arrange the killing in such a way as to make themselves look innocent. But things aren't always what they seem to be and things get a little twisted.

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Cheating Notes

When they first meet in a traffic incident, the stripper tells the lawyer that she's just living with a guy, but later we find out that she is actually married to him. The stripper and the lawyer kiss briefly on their first meeting and their first lovemaking is at the 20 minute mark. Around the 31 minute mark, the stripper starts making love to the lawyer in the club's dressing room when her husband arrives. Good thing that the stripper's co-worker warns her so she is able to get off the lawyer's lap before her husband comes in. Nevertheless, the husband beats up the lawyer and this is where the husband tells the lawyer (and the lawyer first finds out) that he is her husband.

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Russian dubbed.

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