Body of Influence 2 (1996)
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Body of Influence 2
 87 min | Year: 1996 |  United States of America

The relationship between a psychoanalyst and his seductive, unhappily married patient troubled by psycho-sexual nightmares becomes dangerously intimate as they gradually reveal dark secrets from their pasts.

Psychotherapist Dr. Thomas Benson is haunted by a tragic mistake from his past. One of his female patients, whom he fancied, was raped and murdered by her violent psychopathic husband, after socially awkward Benson spectacularly failed to prevent it despite being in their house with them at the time. Benson's attractive new patient, Leza Watkins, who's suffering from psycho-sexual nightmares, reminds him of the girl, which triggers his feelings of guilt all over again. When he tries to send her to another doctor, Leza seduces him. Since Leza is married to an older rich man, Benson questions whether their affair is a good idea, but Leza convinces him that her marriage is an unhappy one, so they continue, and he soon discovers Leza's hidden wild side. Benson's older brother Rick, an hunky if unethical private investigator who mostly deals with cases of spousal infidelity, warns Thomas that something is off with Leza, but Thom refuses to believe him. Worried Rick decides to prove to his stubborn brother that he's right even if it kills him.

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