Brief Guide To A Happy Life (TV Series) (2012)
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 52 min | Year: 2012 |  Russia

Follows the daily lives of four women working in a recruiting agency in Moscow.

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Cheating Notes

Follows the daily lives of four women working in a recruiting agency in Moscow. We see their infidelity activities.

The nudity in this series is minimal and is usually in shower scenes or after-sex scenes, not in the sex scenes themselves, which at most have strategic nudity only.

The four women are:

Blonde girl
Pony-tailed wife, who has husband, a son and a daughter.
Curly-haired girl, who is the mistress of her married boss.
Brunette wife, who has trouble conceiving with her husband.

Episode 2

44:53 - Curly-haired girl kisses her ex-husband (the father of her son), Curly blonde guy at the dining table and fucks him. Curly blonde guy will become Blonde girl's live-in boyfriend later.

49:33 - Brunette wife has sex with her husband on a kitchen top.

Episode 3

26:05 - We see Blonde girl's tit while she masturbates in the shower.

43:13 - Pony-tailed wife has sex with her neighbor, who is also the father of her daughter's boyfriend.

49:34, 50:40 - Curly-haired girl fucks her boss in a hospital bathroom.

Episode 4

8:46 - Curly-haired girl in a bed scene with her boss. Some kissing and her side boob is shown.

26:00 - Blonde girl kisses the bespectacled guy in his office.

36:02, 41:08, 50:38 - Blonde girl kisses Curly blonde guy on the street after drinking in a bar and fucks him at her place. They start living together sometime after this.

38:42 - Brunette wife fucks a cop on top of his office desk.

Episode 5

29:41 - Brunette wife fucks the cop on a small bed. She humps him hard.

Episode 6

6:45 - Curly-haired girl fucks a fat guy who asks her for directions in the street. Maybe she knows him prior to this, I don't know.

40:28 - Brunette wife starts having sex with the cop on the bed but they are interrupted by her husband.

48:55 - We see Curly-haired girl's side boob/tit in the shower after her post-coital scene with the fat guy.

Episode 8

32:00 - We see Pony-tailed wife's boobs in an after-sex scene with her neighbor.

48:12 - Pony-tailed wife's husband enters her neighbor's place while she is inside so she has to hide.

Episode 9

16:56 - Pony-tailed wife kisses her daughter's boyfriend in the street and her daughter sees it. Huh? I think it's just an in-the-moment thing, because the wife goes for the kid's cheek first before it turns into a lips-to-lips session.

Episode 12

49:14, 50:57 - Blonde girl kisses and fucks the bespectacled guy.

Episode 13

01:00 - After a night of sex, Blonde girl says good-bye to the bespectacled guy in the morning and a few moments  after that, she welcomes her boyfriend back from his trip. He dumps him later for the bespectacled guy.

Original / Other Title:  Краткий курс счастливой жизни, Kratkiy kurs schastlivoy zhizni

 Director:  Valeriya Gay Germanika

Genres: Drama

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  12 March 2012

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