Dama de noche (1998)
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Dama de Noche
 98 min | Year: 1998 |  Philippines

She has everything a woman could ask for-- a big home, a comfortable life, a rich, loving husband. But despite all that, there remains a craving in her, an itch that desperately wants to be scratched. So without her husband's knowledge, she leaves home every day searching for men who can satisfy her insatiable appetite for flesh. But her craving for sex is more than just Lust. It's a deep-rooted malaise caused by the dark, perverted experiences she went through as a child-- a malaise threatening to explode and ruin her life. The music throughout this film explains the true feeling of the main character. She is suffering from this lifestyle.

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Cheating Notes

The unhappy rich man's wife who's having trouble conceiving starts going out at night whenever her husband is out of town to bang strange men, usually lowly construction workers at a construction site. At 25:05, she bangs the first construction worker.  She rejected him the night before at the park when he hit on her, thinking she was a whore. And still thinking that she's a whore, he even offers her money after their sex, but she refuses to accept it.

The wife continues going to the construction site after that night and bangs the other construction workers. Her cheating scenes are interspersed with her dinner scenes or hanging out scenes with her husband or her rich friends, with her looking bored and unsatisfied or sometimes crying.

Perhaps the wife's most erotic cheating scene starts at 31:58, when the construction workers take their turns in banging her. When she thinks she's had enough, she pushes the last guy off her and starts to run away, but then she happens to run towards the spot where the workers hang out. The workers then lead her back to the fucking area and they gangbang her. At one point, while she is being fucked from behind by one of the workers, another worker kneels in front of her, lowers his shorts down, and makes her suck his dick. She comes home that night with her make-up and lipstick smeared all over her face, and limping due to the excessive fucking she received from the men.

At 50:27, the wife fucks the most handsome guy among the construction workers. But he wants more from her, like a relationship, and she doesn't want that, so she tries to avoid him whenever she comes to the park after that night. The guy becomes obsessed and shows up at her mansion later and rapes her.

At 1:03:52, the wife also bangs the young kid whom she always comes across at the park and who helped her a few times when she's trying to fend off men.


Hot, but I wish the cheating scenes were brighter and the copy I watched was of higher quality. The audio tracks in both streams below are also cut off after certain periods.

Watch Full Movie Online

via Pinoymovieshub.ga (choose Streamlare as source, Full Uncut Version)

via Xhamster below (shorter copy, but the sex scenes seem to be all there, just adjust the timestamps I gave above)

Categories: Asia, Cheating, Cheating Wife

 Director:  Lore Reyes

Genres: Drama

Country:   Philippines
Release Date:  21 July 1998


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