Different Strokes (1998)
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R  88 min | Year: 1998 |  United States of America

The Story of Jack & Jill ... and Jill.

A Los Angeles fashion model falls in love with a female art director during a photo shoot which puts their newfound romance at odds with the model's photographer boyfriend.

Jill Martin, a New York art director, arrives in Los Angeles to supervise a photo shoot with local photographer Jack who's involved with another woman named Jill. Jill Martin becomes involved with the relationship problems facing Jack and Jill as well as helping Jill deal with her sexual awakening to her repressed lesbianism and dealing with a jealous Jack when he finds out about Jill and Jill being together.

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Cheating Notes

Jill Martin (female) has a girlfriend back in New York. When she calls her at 22:28, she (the girlfriend) is having sex with another woman. Later in the movie, Jill's girlfriend leaves her for that woman.

Jill Martin later has lesbian sex with Jack's girlfriend, also named Jill, at 55:05. That's after Jill gets mad at her boyfriend after he suggests a threesome with them two Jills and he tries to have sex with her in a bar's bathroom.

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