Devadasi (Web Series) (2020)
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 186 min | Year: 2020 |  India

The plot revolves around the life of people in a village. Few situations in life change the whole dreams of two girls. They have to face some shocking things in life taking away their love. Can the girls relieve their happy life.

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Cheating Notes

Season 1

3 Episodes.

Villager girl meets villager dude in the river and flirts with him. Rich dude fucks villager girl. It's kind of forced, so I'm not sure if she is his mistress, or could she be his wife? Nah, because their clothes seem to be of different social status.

Rich dude goes home and fucks his wife (?).

The villager dude fucks the villager girl and then later also fucks the rich dude's wife.

Season 2

4 Episodes.

Jesus-looking dude delivers the villager girl to a rich couple's house. Maybe she will work for them. The rich husband fucks the villager girl. Later, Jesus also fucks the villager girl but I don't know what their relationship is. And then Jesus fucks the rich wife. The village girl and the rich wife also have a short tryst. When the rich wife reveals something to her husband, he gets mad and attacks Jesus with a pickaxe. (The episodes are from S01E01 to S02E04)

 Director:  VJ

Genres: Erotic, Drama, Thriller

Country:   India
Language:  Hindi
Release Date:  18 October 2020

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