El deseo de ser piel roja (2002) aka The Desire to be a Redskin
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 90 min | Year: 2002 |  Spain

Martín, a young man in his thirties, has just arrived in Tangier in search of a change in his life. During his first days, he wanders alone through the city until one night he meets Abel. They begin to talk and share experiences until Martín tells him about the existence of a nuclear power plant in one of the most important areas on the outskirts of the city. At the end of the night, they decide to solve the problem by destroying the nuclear power plant. They embark on a journey in which Ana, Abel's girlfriend, decides to join them and she becomes the basis of the conflict between the two friends.

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Cheating Notes

In the early part of the movie, Abel, with Martin tagging along, goes after Ana who runs away with his money. He finds her at the place of her male friend (supposedly the biggest fag in town, according to Abel). Her friend is naked and she is sleeping beside him, suggesting that they probably fucked last night.

Ana comes with Abel and Martin on a trip to the nuclear plant. She starts knowing Martin better.

Martin comforts Ana when she cries, caressing her legs in the process. When he starts touching her boobs, she tells him to not do it, then Abel arrives.

While on an isolated beach, Martin approaches Ana who is lying face down on the sand. He lies on top of her and starts kissing her back. She moans and they have implied sex. Abel arrives from somewhere a little later.

Abel asks Martin if he tried to screw Ana on the beach. He tells him that it's ok if he did because he and Ana could split up any day.

The three stay at a hotel. In the morning, Martin starts kissing Ana's body on the bed but she tells him to stop. Later, Martin joins the couple in the shower. While Abel's eyes are covered in sud, he tells them that he bets that Martin is groping Ana's ass. He is incorrect, as it seems that it's Ana's pussy that Martin is groping, not her ass.

While staying at Abel's friend's house, Martin and Ana start kissing in front of him. He doesn't stop them.

Martin and Ana make out and have sex at a spa while Abel goes somewhere.

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 Director:  Alfonso Ungría

Genres: Drama

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  4 January 2002

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