El vuelo de la cigüeña (1977)
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 91 min | Year: 1979 |  Mexico

An erotic model has three lovers. First is her eternal boyfriend, a shy, conservative bureaucrat. Then, there's the playboy nude magazine editor. And last is a freethinking, penniless male nude model. One of them is the father of her child. Which of the three will be?

Nicolas is a modern and very liberal young woman working as a nude model for an erotic magazine, and has no bias when it comes to relationships. At one point in her life, she is related to three different men, a playboy nude magazine editor, a free thinker without money and also nude model, and her eternal boyfriend, a shy, conservative bureaucrat. Nicolas’ unplanned pregnancy causes a series of tangles, since the three possible fathers of the baby want to marry her and parenthood is disputed.

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Original / Other Title:  El vuelo de la cigüeña, The Flight of the Stork

 Director:  Julián Pastor

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country:   Mexico
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  12 September 1979

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