English Education (1983)
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 88 min | Year: 1983 |  France

In the 1930s, Sylvie is confronted with a tragedy: her father, betrayed by his wife, kills her and her lover, then commits suicide. The sweet, young and innocent girl is entrusted to her uncle, a libertine who has surrounded by two women. He sends her to a very strict boarding school, where they offer a form of Victorian English education. The school readily and willingly resorts to a very strict regime of correction and corporal punishment to discipline its female pupils and the young girls compensate for the rigors of their education by devoting themselves to all kinds of schoolgirl encounters. Sylvie is initiated by schoolgirl-gone-bad Claire, who becomes her best friend whilst a local criminal escapes and a new female tutor presently appears at the school. However, this new teacher favors an even more depraved disciplinary regime. Could this new tutor be the escaped criminal disguised a woman?

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Original / Other Title:  Éducation anglaise

 Director:  Jean-Claude Roy

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country:   France
Language:  French
Release Date:  7 June 1983

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