Perversión en el paraíso (1981)
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 71 min | Year: 1981 |  Spain

Adan and Eva, young, naked, and innocent, eat the forbidden fruit and discover the evil one making love to his own female partner, the wicked one. They try to imitate him, but they do not succeed because they don't know everything about sex. The evil one leads them to their abode to initiate them sexually. Eva happily accepts but Adam opposes and is expelled after the first few lessons. The evil one seduces Eva, arousing the jealousy of his partner. The wicked one comes to Adan’s side to initiate him sexually in turn. But Eva, with whom the evil one has fallen in love, starts mocking him after she has been educated and only wants to give himself to Adan.

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Cheating Notes

Eva, Adan's partner by default, becomes the world's first cheating girlfriend when she learns her first sexual lessons with the evil one. Her sexual lessons with the evil one start at 30:40. The wicked one, evil one's own female partner, also initiates Adan in the ways of love at 54:38.

I like the part where Eva starts dominating the evil one, like she throws fruits and makes him fetch them. And later, she starts whipping him while he was making love to the wicked one.

 Director:  Jaime J. Puig

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  23 November 1981

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