Erotic Passion (1992)
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Erotic Passion
 86 min | Year: 1992 |  Hong Kong

Yuen Shang is trying to kill tough guy Ting Sai Hung, because he killed her father. But Yuen's attempt is foiled by recently-reincarnated Shum Key. Ting then hires Key as a bodyguard, but Key's entry to the Ting household causes problems. Ting's daughter Carrie is mad about Key, but Key is hot for Ting's pretty wife Cindy. And Horse, one of Ting's henchman, spends lots of time trying to get on with Carrie and repel Key. In between all this, Ting finds a nightclub dancer who "drives his dicky wild", Tong Yan. He invites Tong to be his concubine, not knowing she is Yuen Shang's cousin and bent on helping to bump off Ting.

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Cheating Notes

Cheating wife

Although the boss accuses his wife of cheating and trying to run away with one of his bodyguards, she does not really fuck the bodyguard until at the end of the movie, when things between them have already gone sour.

There are no indications at the end of the movie that the boss dies, or that he and his wife are officially separated when she fucks the bodyguard on a yacht. So technically, she's still somebody's wife fucking another guy at that point.

It is a good wait for their sex scene, as the wife is really giving it to the bodyguard. It shows that she has developed a pent-up desire for him. She doesn't show this desire until the very end, perhaps because she has a husband and she is loyal in that regard. Her husband is even depriving her of sex as we see her pleasure herself in the bathroom when she gets rejected sexually by him, but her resolve remains strong.

So when the situation between her and her husband becomes questionable in the end, what with him trying to kill her, and also vice versa if I understood the confusing subtitles right, she pours all her pent-up desire to the bodyguard in one go and in a very intense and sexy manner. She lets him fuck her doggy-style while she leans on a table. Then, she sits on his lap, first with her back against him, then later facing him, and rides his cock wildly on both instances.

There are two scenes where we are shown how desirable the boss' wife is in the eyes of other men. First, one of the boss' henchmen peeps at her when she is taking a bath. Second, a feng shui expert lasciviously touches the wife's arms in the guise of practicing his craft.

Cheating girlfriend

The boss' daughter (or younger sister if we base it on the subtitles) has a boyfriend. Well, sort of. I mean she fucks him but it seems that she's non-committal. She has her eyes set on the bodyguard and fucks him one night when he is very drunk. They also have sex later, with him very much sober.

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Original / Other Title:  引郎入室, Yan long yap sat

 Director:  Chan Lau

Country:   Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Release Date:  1 January 1992

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