Faithless (2000)
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R  142 min | Year: 2000 |  Finland Germany Italy Norway Sweden

One Moment Can Change A Lifetime

Marianne is a theatre actress married to an orchestra conductor, Markus. She becomes involved in an affair with their director friend, David, which leads to a painful divorce and battle for custody of their daughter, Isabelle. Although all of them are merely fictional characters created by Bergman, their experiences become very real and traumatic for him.

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Cheating Notes

The wife cheats with the couple's director friend. Their main cheating scene with some sexual action and nudity is at 1:11:25. The rest are just either kissing, pre-sex kissing or post-sex dialog.

Original / Other Title:  Trolösa

 Director:  Liv Ullmann

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Finland Germany Italy Norway Sweden
Language:  French, svenska
Release Date:  15 September 2000

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