Fall… in Love (2005)
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Fall... in Love
 104 min | Year: 2005 |  Taiwan

Several residents of a Taipei apartment complex try to sort out their tangled romances in this Taiwanese drama helmed by Ming-Tai Wang. Hair stylist Angel can't get her aloof beau, Alan, to commit to their relationship -- a problem that escalates when Alan's first love moves in next door. Meanwhile, he's also having a fling with a Mafia's middle-aged mistress who lives in the building.

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Cheating Notes

11:06 - Alan's co-worker and the co-worker's girlfriend is having sex while Alan knocks on the couple's front door. Nude.

15:08 - Alan has sex with his girlfriend. Nude.

42:26 (or 41:44 in the cut version) - The Mafia's mistress sees Alan getting a blowjob from a random chick. She takes over and starts making love to him. Non-nude.

1:25:00 (or 1:21:36 in the cut version) - Alan and the mistress fuck. Her lover arrives and catches them in the act. It is non-nude, but there is proper hip-thrusting action.

Tvdy1.com (cut)

Original / Other Title:  戀人

 Director:  Wang Ming Tai

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Taiwan
Language:  Mandarin, Japanese
Release Date:  12 October 2005

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