The Naked Eye (1998)
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 104 min | Year: 1998 |  Spain

Begoña is a thirty something consultant who has rebelled against her upper middle class background and has overdone it with sex ever since her youth. On recommendation of her psychoanalyst she keeps a video diary of her encounters using a palm-sized video gadget called "The Owl". On Christmas Eve, reluctantly, Begoña goes to have dinner with her dysfunctional family: her stern mother, her married brother and her younger sister. Soon, Begoña, the family’s black sheep, clash with her relatives. She leaves abruptly in disharmony, only her sister seems sympathetic towards her. The same night in a bar, Begoña is befriended by Daniel a solitary handsome man in his late teens. The attractive and self assure Begoña draws his attention, but when her on and off ex boyfriend Elio, and adventurous biker, shows up at the bar, an argument ensures between Elio and Daniel.

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Cheating Notes

33:17 and 37:46 - Begoña gets involved in a swinging and orgy situation at a New Year party.

48:20 - Begoña lets her new very young lover drive her to the place of an old flame. She fucks her old flame while her lover waits outside. When her young lover hears her loud moans, he leaves.

1:29:22 - Begoña is now married to her young lover. She lets herself get fucked by a pimp and his minions who raped her earlier and records it. She shows the recording to her husband and an ex-lover. Her husband leaves her for this.

With proper nudity but no real proper sex action.

Original / Other Title:  La mirada del otro

 Director:  Vicente Aranda

Genres: Drama

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  20 February 1998

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