Female Teacher Sweet Trap (1995)
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 100 min | Year: 1995 |  Japan

Father, lover, son... all my physical slaves...

Rinko (Yoshimi Yokosuka) is Shin's former teacher who married his old father. She is secretly meeting and fucking her lover Sagawa whenever her husband goes to work. Sagawa wants to have his hand on Rinko's husband's wealth and is pressuring Rinko to do something about it. One day, while her husband is on a business trip to Katsuragi, Rinko confesses to her stepson Shin that she likes him, and then she makes love to him. While they're in the middle of their lovemaking, Rinko's husband arrives and catches them in the act, which pits father against son in a bout of violence. Shin kills his father with a knife conveniently placed by Rinko by the side of the bed. She gets her husband's wealth, as desired by Sagawa, but then she feels pity for Shin. Will she be happy with what she had done or will her guilt tear her apart?

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Cheating Notes

Note: Some site says this was released in 2007 but Amazon.jp or dmm.com says it's released in 1995.



Original / Other Title:  女教師 甘い罠, Jokyōshi amai wana

 Director:  Futoshi Kamino

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  1 January 1995

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