Fragments of Love (2016)
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Fragments of Love
 90 min | Year: 2016 |  Colombia Puerto Rico

Rodrigo, a piano-tuner and former composer fallen on hard times, begins a love affair with the soon-to-be-married Susana. When a bomb in the city of Medellín nearly kills them, Rodrigo and Susana surrender to their attraction and fall into each other’s arms. Cocooned in her apartment above the vibrant city, Susana opens up to him every night and tells him a story of each of the different men from her past. Her stories inspire him to compose again, but his obsession makes him jealous and paranoid. When Susana finally leaves her fiancée to be with Rodrigo, he becomes obsessed with her fidelity.

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Cheating Notes

While walking on the street, Susana gets slightly wounded by a bomb that explodes near her. Rodrigo, the piano-tuner/composer whom she met earlier at her fiance's place when he tuned his piano, happens to be on the same street and helps her. He takes her home to give her first aid. She kisses him suddenly while he tends to her wound. They start making love in her bedroom but he couldn't finish because he's bothered by his last break-up.

Susana invites Rodrigo to dinner at her place. They start having sex, and he couldn't do it again. So she tells her a story about one of her ex-boyfriends. It works and Rodrigo is able to fuck her. They meet several times again after that, with her telling him an erotic story about an ex-bf of hers, and one time even her ex-husband, so that he could get off.

Susana, her fiance, and Rodrigo watch a piano concert together. Rodrigo secretly touches Susana's thigh while she holds her fiance's hand. When Susana's fiance goes to the bathroom, she and Rodrigo sneak out, make out backstage, go outside the theatre and talk. Her fiance comes back from the bathroom and doesn't find the two in their chairs. They do come back later, and I guess her fiance is now suspicious of Rodrigo.

Susana breaks up with her fiance to be with Rodrigo. After some time, she also cheats on Rodrigo. She goes on a date with a guy, takes him home, not knowing that Rodrigo is there. She fucks him and Rodrigo witnesses it, but he doesn't confront her and just leaves. In the morning, that's when he confronts her and after a shouting match, he leaves her.

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Original / Other Title:  Fragmentos de amor

 Director:  Fernando Vallejo

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country:   Colombia Puerto Rico
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  15 April 2016

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